Sunday, July 5, 2009


The Gulfstream G550 is absolutely beautiful. Released into the market in 2003, the Gulfstream G550 has a range of 6,750 nautical miles and is proclaimed as being the longest range business jet in the world.

The photo above is a shot of the interior of the 2005 Gulfstream G50, serial #5097, N550GA. This airplane is currently listed for sale by Avjet Corporation, a worldwide leader in the private jet sales market. The photographer of this picture is unknown to me. Contact Andrew Bradley at Tel: 703-661-4848 or 201-320-3333 for more information regarding the photo as well as additional information regarding this plane for sale.

This luxury Gulfstream G550 sits 14 passengers in beautiful leather seating configuration and is equipped with a conference table, two lavatories, two coffee makers, a high temperature oven and microwave, a dish washer, china and crystal storage, a stainless steel sink, two ice compartments, a thermoelectric cooled food storage compartment, a thirty gallon pressurized water system, a hot water heater and air conditioning. This airplane also comes with Internet access, printer and fax machine.

The cabin video equipment include: Two DVD players, one 20 Inch LCD monitor, one 17 Inch LCD monitor, seven 7 Inch LCD monitors and three more smaller LCD monitors. Additionally there are two digital multi-system converters, two color touch screen remote controls, two RF remote controls and ten 115 volt AC electrical outlets. Also included in this configuration is a fuselage mount forward view camera, fuselage mount aft view camera and a tail mounted camera.

The passenger audio systems include: Ten mid range speakers, four subwoofer speakers, seven pages system speakers, 16 stereo headphone jacks and headphones and one CD player.

Price Tag: $60,000,000 USD That’s right! If you want to fly in one of the most luxurious airplanes available today, you’re going to have to shell out a little bit of cash. The annual cost to maintain this airplane is around $600,000 USD. In fact, the average cost to fly this bird is around $2,300 dollars per hour. it will cost you around $1,000,000 dollars to have an engine rebuilt. New paint will cost you in the ball park of $200,000. I hope you like the interior, if not, you’re looking at spending $300,000 to have it refitted.

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